Monday, April 30, 2012


For the first time ever we will be at the Riverfest this year, and are so excited about it!!  We are in need of more helmets though. 

Please follow this link to read more about it on our website.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Betty, a sweet 2-yr old Quarter Horse, went to her forever home last month. She is now living happily with her new best friend Sydney - and has a new name, Hope. Sydney and Hope are going to do 4H together. We received an email from Sydney's mom letting us know what a great partnership she and Hope are developing. Here's a bit of what she said.

"Hope has been great! Her and Sydney are going to make a great team, my husband and I are amazed at what a calm horse she is. She's more well behaved than our other two that's for sure. Up until this past Saturday Sydney has just worked with her in the round pen, mostly ground work but she's ridden her in there too. But on Saturday we got Hope and my mare saddled up and we rode around in the pasture together. We had a blast! They both just need some miles on them, Hope does test Sydney but Syd doesn't get scared or anything and takes control back. We are so happy with her! Everyone looks at me crazy when I tell them I got a 2 year old horse for my 11 year old. :) Ha! She's a great horse!"

These are the stories we love to hear, and why we do what we do.