Sunday, June 15, 2008


Thanks to all who came out to the Frontier Western celebration in ElDorado yesterday and stopped by to see us. The kids enjoyed the $2 horse rides... and we had several repeat customers too. One dad even asked if I knew where the ATM was. :)
We had lots of people ask how they could volunteer, others made cash donations. We also had one very nice couple from Butler County ask how they could get involved. They have some hay they'd like to donate to the rescue. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It is because of the generosity of all you great people out there that the rescue is able to operate.
I will be posting some pictures to our website later today, or sometime tomorrow, but in the meantime... let me leave you with this picture of Dazzle, one of our rescues. She very much enjoyed sunbathing and catching some zzz's. Yes... she really is napping in this pic.

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